It’s way too hard to find youth baseball coaching resources that actually help. provides everything dads need to be awesome coaches all in one place.

How do we do that?


You put yourself out there. You stepped up to be the head coach of your son’s baseball team. You’re excited about the potential and you want to be an awesome coach. But then the reality sets in…

Now you might be asking yourself… what did I just sign up for?


Because coaching youth baseball is not easy!

You’re already super busy with work, family, and life in general. Now you have to manage writing practice plans, game lineups, answering parent questions, and worrying about whether or not your players are having fun. On top of that, you’re the one who is supposed to help your players get better and your team win games.

As if you needed one more thing to stress about…

So what do you do next?


You start searching the internet for help. Maybe you played the game at a high level yourself, or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’ve already been coaching a youth baseball team for a while. Maybe not. Regardless, you start looking for drills, practice plans, and coaching tips.

But now you have a problem…

It’s way too hard to find youth baseball coaching resources that actually help! Sure, you can spend hours of your time scouring Youtube for drill videos and searching Google for “example practice plans.” There is free stuff out there, but it’s way too hard to find, scattered all of the place when you do find it, and usually not even helpful for youth baseball players.

Now, there are paid resources out there. Maybe you’ve already looked into them. But you do you have hundreds of dollars of your own, hard-earned money to spend on something that might not work?


I know the feeling of having practice in a few hours and not knowing what to do. I know the feeling of wanting to be an awesome coach but feeling ill-equipped to pull it off. I know the feeling of parents watching and judging if I’m doing a good job with their kid.

My name is Matt Williams. I played college baseball at Duke University and professional baseball in the Chicago Cubs Minor Leagues. I’ve been coaching youth baseball since 2012, and I am writing practice plans, answering parent questions, and coaching youth players every week.

I played baseball at a very high level, but I immediately learned that coaching youth baseball can be hard! I want to be an awesome coach, and I know you do, too.

As a youth baseball coach, you deserve better. Youth baseball is supposed to be awesome experience for coaches, players, and parents. You should have easy access to everything you need to be an awesome coach.

That’s why I built… to give you everything you need to be an awesome youth baseball coach all in one place.


You could have everything you need to be an awesome youth baseball coach delivered to your email inbox every week. How does it work?

STEP 1: Sign up for the weekly newsletter.

STEP 2: Spend 15 minutes reviewing the done-for-you practice plan that includes full explanations and demo videos.

STEP 3: Follow the plans and know that you have everything you need to be awesome youth baseball coach.

For just $14.99/month you get all of the following delivered to your email inbox every week:

  • Weekly newsletter with a complete guide to coaching and managing your team every week
  • Done-for-you practice plan that you can either print or view from your phone
  • The Perfect Practice Plan that provides warmup, catch play, individual defense, team defense, hitting, and baserunning drills for every practice.
  • The Five Tool L.E.A.D.R. framework to help you teach leadership skills to your players
  • Guidance on what and when to communicate with your parents so you solve almost every parent issue before it begins

For the low cost of just $14.99/month you get 24/7/365 access to everything you need to be an awesome youth baseball coach. And, if you don’t think the weekly newsletter is helpful then you can simply cancel anytime.


Imagine getting to the field confident and excited because you have an awesome practice plan that allows you to enjoy every moment with your players…

Imagine that feeling at the end of the season when your players are begging you to coach them again next year…

Imagine those incredible “light bulb” moments when you see the things you’re teaching your players “click” and their faces light up with excitement…

Imagine the handshakes from the dads and the hugs from the moms of your players as they thank you for creating such a great experience for their son…

Imagine the feeling of knowing you were an awesome youth baseball coach, and actually being excited to do it again next year…

That could be you.

Or, it could be the opposite.

The reality is that kids are quitting sports at an alarming rate. Why? Because all too often they simply aren’t a good experience. There are lots of factors at play, but the reality is that the coach has the biggest influence on the experience a player has on a team.

Another reality is that coaches are quitting at an alarming rate, too. Dealing with the frustrations of unhappy parents and disengaged players is more than enough to call it quits.

Youth baseball players deserve an awesome coach. You deserve the resources you need to be that awesome coach. can deliver everything you need, all in one place, every single week, right to your email inbox.

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Each drill includes a full explanation for the purpose, setup, execution and includes a full demo video.

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