The best catchers are the best teammates. If you’ve followed this blog series then you have heard that every single post so far. We are going to continue repeating that in every post because it’s that important. 

If you want to be the best catcher you can possibly be, you must also be the best teammate you can possibly be. Those go hand-in-hand. 

Continuing our series on How to Be a Great Teammate, we come to #8: Show You Are Committed.

#8: Show You Are Committed

If you want to be a great teammate, you can’t just talk about how committed you are. You must demonstrate your commitment in all that you do. And always remember: If you want commitment, be committed (Gordon, Jon (2015-04-24). The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to Be a Great Teammate (p. 57). Wiley. Kindle Edition).

  Are you committed?

Or, do you just like the idea of being committed?

On the surface, someone who answers yes to either question is going to appear the same. Both are going to say the right things and do the right things when other people are around. 

But what happens when no one is looking?

What happens when you have the opportunity for some extra work? Are you satisfied with being “good enough”, or are you committed to being the best you can possibly be? 

#2 in this series taught us that WELL DONE > WELL SAID. Intentions are important, but ultimately it’s not intentions that make the difference. Its actions. 

You can SAY you are committed to anyone who will listen. But if you want to be a great teammate (and the best possible version of yourself), you have to SHOW that you are committed. 

As a catcher, you are charged with being a leader on your team. One of the most important duties of a leader is to get commitment from those you are leading. If you want commitment, be committed. 

Then show it. 


This blog post is part of series called How to Be a Great Teammate. This series features 21 different ways that you can be a great teammate from the book titled The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to Be a Great Teammate by Jon Gordon (click that link to view and buy the book on Amazon – it’s a must read!). Jon Gordon is an incredible resource and you can learn more about him at, and follow him on Twitter at @JonGordon11. To read more posts from this series feel free to click any of the links below!

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