As we introduced in our first post in this series, the best catchers are the best teammates. Period. 

So, with that in mind, we are writing this blog series that touches on 21 ways that you can, and should, be a great teammate. Next up is #2: Remember Well Done > Well Said.


#2: Well Done > Well Said

There’s nothing wrong with words. Sometimes we need an inspiring message. Sometimes we need to be challenged and encouraged. But remember that, as a teammate, you speak most powerfully through your actions. Well said is important, but well done is always better, hence: Well Done > Well Said. Set the example in all that you do, so when you speak, people will listen because you have earned their respect by what you have communicated with your actions (Gordon, Jon p. 50, Kindle Edition). 

Have you ever been inspired by someone’s words, only to later see that same person contradicting their inspiring words with their own actions?

Or, have you ever been around someone who is constantly saying the right things, but never backing up their words and actually doing the right things?

If you haven’t been around someone like that yet, unfortunately I am sure that you will. And when you do, you’ll roll your eyes just like the rest of us when that type of person gets up to say something because their actions don’t match up with their words. They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk so their words are in one ear and out the other. 

Great teammates are great leaders, and great leaders led by example. Their actions speak louder than their words, and their words are also effective because of their actions. 


Do you want to be a great teammate? Remember that you speak most powerfully through your actions. Well Done > Well said. 

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This blog post is part of series called How to Be a Great Teammate. This series features 21 different ways that you can be a great teammate from the book titled The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to Be a Great Teammate by Jon Gordon (click that link to view and buy the book on Amazon – it’s a must read!). Jon Gordon is an incredible resource and you can learn more about him at, and follow him on Twitter at @JonGordon11. To read more posts from this series feel free to click any of the links below! 

  1. #1: Sweat More

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