So, you’re reading this post because you care about catching, right? Whether you’re a catcher, coach, or the parent of a catcher, you clearly have an interest in learning what it takes to become a better catcher.

Catcher University is all about Mastering the Art & Science of Catching. There truly is an Art AND a Science to catching. Catching is the hardest position on the field… clearly we are biased here at Catcher University but we could make a very strong, objective argument for that statement nonetheless. And yet, the physical (aka Science) aspects of catching, as challenging as they can be, are the easiest part of catching.

The Art of Catching is where the best catchers truly separate themselves. Part of the Art of Catching is being a leader, and if you want to be a leader then you must be a great teammate.

The best catchers are always also the best teammates. No exceptions.

Next up in our How to Be a Great Teammate Series is a BIG one… #19: Love Your Team


Love truly is the greatest leadership principle and team-building strategy on the planet and if you don’t have it, you can’t share it. The truth is, if you don’t love your team, you can never be a great teammate. Don’t wait for your team to love you; first commit to loving them. As you focus on becoming a great teammate…  focus on loving your team. While many average players want their teammates to love them, you can become a great teammate by loving your team in spirit and action (Gordon, Jon (2015-04-24). The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to Be a Great Teammate (p. 70). Wiley. Kindle Edition).



What does it mean to love your team?

Before anything else, we need to think about what we mean by love in this context. Love is one of those words that we hear countless times each day. We love our family, our iPhone, our favorite music, and our pets. Same word… clearly many different nuances depending on the context!

For our context of sports, teams, and teammates we need to start with the fact that we are talking about love as an action verb rather than a feeling or emotion. Loving your team is defined by what you do far more than what you say. You won’t always going to get along perfectly with your teammates, and you won’t always feel like being a good teammate. Great teammates love their team and their teammates with their actions whether they feel like it or not.

Next, it’s important to consider what it looks like to love your team in practical terms. To put it simply, loving your team means that you want what is best for your team and will do anything you can to help your team flourish.

Think about someone that you love in our life… what do you want for them? Surely you want many things, but high up on that list is likely that you want your loved ones to flourish. You want what is best for him/her, and you’re willing to do whatever you can to help your loved one flourish.

Same goes for your team and your teammates. Great teammates choose to love their teams and fellow teammates regardless of their feelings on any given day, and they are willing to do whatever they can to help their teams flourish.



Great teammates are also leaders on their teams. They set the tone by their example. They both encourage and expect everyone to follow them in their efforts to be the best teammate they can possibly be.

One thing we must always keep in mind, though, is that you cannot give what you do not have.

If I wanted to give you $20, but didn’t have the money, it’s impossible for me to give it to you. I can talk about it. I can give the most inspiring and motivational speech ever given about how much I want to give you that $20. I can cast the most compelling vision for what your life would be like with an extra $20 in your pocket. I can do all these things and more, but the bottom line is that if I don’t have $20 then I can’t give you $20.

The same thing applies to your leadership. If you don’t actually love your team, you’ll never be able to lead your fellow teammates to love your team. You can tell them they should, sure, but your words will be hollow and meaningless.

If you want to be a great teammate, you must genuinely love your team. And, what does it mean to love your team? It means that you want the very best for your team and your teammates, and you are willing to do anything you can to help them flourish. And, one of the best ways to help your team flourish is to lead by example in loving your team, every day, no matter what.

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