Catcher University exists to train, inspire, and equip catchers for greatness on and off the field. Our classes are one of the main ways that we fulfill our mission.

Catcher University classes provide a small group training environment where catchers are guaranteed an 8:1 player/instructor ratio. Every class session includes 15-30 minutes spent in the classroom covering the leadership, mindset, and mental aspects of catching. Then, each class session also includes 60-75 minutes of physical training that primarily focuses on the core essentials of receiving, blocking, and throwing. We will also cover the extra skills required for catchers such as fielding bunts, plays at the plate, and pop-ups as the opportunity presents itself, but our primary focus will always be on the “big three” of catching – receiving, blocking, and throwing. 

Catcher University EVP Classes include the Standard Catcher University program but has an emphasis on the Elite Velocity Program that includes arm strength, arm action, and overall pop-time emphasis. Due to the focus on arm strength and and it’s corresponding exercises this class is only open to catcher 14 and older based on the fact that players 14 and older have the bodies that are best suited for the strength work using weighted balls, etc.

EVP Winter Session 1 lasts from November-December and you get two classes every week:

  • Sundays, 1-2:30pm
  • Thursdays, 7-8:30pm

All classes are held at Diamond B Sports in Olathe, KS – 19700 159th St., Olathe, KS 66062.

Your monthly fee includes the full Catcher University Classes program each week with a 8:1 player/coach ratio guaranteed, an exclusive Catcher University workbook, and a Catcher University shirt as a sign-up bonus. 

Classes are open to all ages and catchers will be grouped for drills based on age/ability each week. 


Here is what you’ll learn:

  • THE CATCHER MINDSET: The Key To Everything
  • LEADERSHIP: Essential Skills to Lead Yourself & Others Well
  • RECEIVING: Skills + Drills to Help You Receive Like a Pro and Win Pitches
  • BLOCKING: Skills + Drills to Help You Block Every Pitch and Be a Wall
  • THROWING: Skills + Drills to Help You Throw Out Runners and Conquer the Clock
  • OTHER SKILLS: Skills + Drills to Help You with Bunts, Plays at the Plate, and more!
  • GAME MANAGEMENT: Practical Instruction to Help You Manage the Game, including Pitch Calling, Working with Umpires, and More!
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS: How to Invest In Your Body for Maximum Performance



Catcher University is excellent. Our son’s coaches and parents of other players have mentioned how much he has improved by attending Catcher University.


Catcher University provides instruction that is fast paced, relevant, positive catching instruction in which each catcher gets to walk away with knowledge, drills, and a better understanding of the work and dedication involved to play the catcher position effectively!


The hardest position to learn in baseball finally has a place to go and learn how to really play the position.  If your a parent or a coach of a youth player then this is the camp for you.

FREE Daily Drill Series Practice Plan

We want to give you a FREE copy/paste practice plan called the Daily Drill Series. This drill series is made up of our best, foundation-building drills that are guaranteed to help any catcher get better.

The best part? It is compiled into a routine that can be done in as little as 15 minutes.

Each drill includes a full explanation for the purpose, setup, execution and includes a full demo video.

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