Don't Strike Out as a Youth Baseball Coach

It's hard to be a youth baseball coach.
Youth baseball is supposed to be an awesome experience for coaches, players, and parents.
Too often, it's not.

  • Stop wasting time and money endlessly searching for resources that aren't helpful
  • Stop the stress of creating practice plans every week
  • Stop parent complaints before they start
  • Stop the frustration of inefficient, boring practices
  • Stop wondering if you're helping your team get better


I know the feeling of having practice in a few hours and not knowing what to do. I know the feeling of wanting to be an awesome coach but feeling ill-equipped to pull it off. I know the feeling of parents watching and judging if I’m doing a good job with their kid. 

My name is Matt Williams. I played college baseball at Duke University and professional baseball in the Chicago Cubs Minor Leagues. I’ve been coaching youth baseball since 2012, and I am writing practice plans, answering parent questions, and coaching youth players every week. 

I played baseball at a very high level, but I immediately learned that coaching youth baseball can be hard! I want to be an awesome coach, and I know you do, too. I built to give you everything you need to be an awesome youth baseball coach all in one place. 

You Can Be an Youth Baseball Coach


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